Working principle                  

Harsonic® for recreational boats has 3 different devices

  1. Harsonic® against growth on the hull
  2. Harsonic® against growth on Propellers or Outdrive
  3. Harsonic® against fouling in fueltanks or watertanks

A clean hull is extremely important! Everybody who has a boat knows the problem : fouling or the growth of all kinds of organisms. Fouling is an annoying problem which reduces speed, increases fuel consumption and causes corrosion damage.

The current solutions are often not effective and require costly annual maintenance. Moreover, they harm the environment and your own health since they contain toxic elements.

Harsonic® avoids the initial step of the fouling, called biofilm. Eliminating the biofilm prevents the development and the attachment of barnacles, mussels, oysters and algae. Harsonic® for Boats keeps the hull of your boat clean without taking the boat out of the water every year for cleaning and repainting.

Fouling begins with a layer of slime of biofilm. This slime paves the way for plants and animals to attach . The amount increases over time. Organisms like barnacles, mussels, sponges, algae and sea squirts attach themselves to the hull and propeller of ships.
Fouling can negatively affect your boat’s fuel efficiency, speed and cause increased maintenance costs to remove the fouling. It causes a powerboat to use up to 30% fuel and slows down sailboats because of the increased drag. It can affect the maneuverability of the boat. And if you leave fouling attached to your boat for too long you can damage the paint and cause deterioration of your boat overall. Hull fouling is highest for boats that remain stationary in the water for long periods of time.

A propeller and his shaft is exposed to all sorts of attacks underwater, such as rusting and adhesions of the sea. It is the key piece of the ship’s propulsion system, and thus deserves special attention.

To continue to use a very dirty propeller is like driving your car on a road that’s in very poor state and full of potholes. We know that very dirty pieces of equipment notably reduce the displacement of the ship. And the same thing happens with the propeller because, although its surface is a lot smaller than that of the ship’s wet hull, its surface area is multiplied by its many revolutions at high speed.

The objective is that it should always be clean of horrible incrustations and calcareous deposits.
Clean Fuel Tank are crucial to avoid Diesel Engine Failures

You might have noticed it before :

  • loss of of engine-power
  • excess engine-smoke
  • slimy and dirty or even clogged fuel filters

These symptoms are caused by dirty fuel tanks. The natural process of fuel degradation will accumulate in the bottom of your fuel tank. The sludge will form a coating or bio-film on the walls of the fuel tank.

A dirty or fouled fueltank can ruin your equipment !

Micro-organisms, bacteria and enzyme activity, fungus, yeast and mold cause diesel fuel degradation and the formation of waste products.
It is not the diesel “bug” that is the most dangerous problem … it are the micro-organisms, the fungus and the yeast and mold that cause formation of waste products. The fuel components form solids, and it is exactly these waste products that clog your filter.

Some people use biocides or chemical products but this makes the situation even worse ! Some of these products even develop bio-film throughout the entire diesel fuel system which causes dramatic filter plugging. Moreover the application of these products are a never ending story and cost a lot of money. The only good solution is a Harsonic® device which prevents problems and clean the tank completely of bio-film. Harsonic® prevents the built up of the very first step of fouling, which is bio-film.

What can you do?

Avoid fouling and take care of the very first step of fouling : BIOFILM.
The only effective device which can avoid biofilm is Harsonic®.

  1. To protect your vessel, a Harsonic® for Boats should be installed to protect the hull
  2. To protect the propeller or outdrive of your vessel, a Harsonic® for Propellers should be installed.
  3. To protect your tank , a Harsonic® for Tanks should be installed

Properties & differences Harsonic®

  1. unique patented system: reports power failures with data registration
    Harsonic® is the only device on the market with a LCD-screen which
    reports power failures and gives you a complete data registration
  2. secret ingredient: HS technique. Harsonic® doesn’t only use very powerful ultrasound but also has a unique HS technology integrated. All top-cooks have a secret ingredient. Harsonic® has a secret technology which guarantees a very good result.
  3. Power Battery Master: Harsonic® has his own PBM system which even predicts when batteries don’t function any more. It is an intelligent system to control your battery
  4. Harsonic® has an alarm in case of wrong connections (e.g. by wrong polarisation). All devices are protected in case of wrong connection. In the event of false connection (e.g. 12v in the 220V) there will be an alarm and the transducer or the device will not be broken.
  5. Harsonic® avoids biofilm, which is the initial step of fouling and leads to the development of barnacles, mussels, algae and other organisms.
  6. Harsonic® keeps the hull clean without the need of taking your boat out of the water annually for cleaning and repainting.
  7. Harsonic® is the most powerful device which produces a wide range of high ultrasonic frequencies. Compared to similar products, it has 30 percent more power !
  8. Harsonic® is unique in having only 12 volts through the cable. This is not only safer when it potentially comes into contact with water in the bilge but also offers no electrical interference to wireless navigation systems or communications on-board such as radar. There is also no influence on other devices which work with ultrasound such as a depth meter or a fish finder. Only device on the market with EMC certificat
  9. Harsonic® has the biggest multi-wave of frequencies. Some competitive products need to adjust their frequencies while our devices cover all frequencies to prevent fouling
  10. Smart box for automatic power management. Harsonic® has a system which switches automatically to battery when the power network drops. But that is not all , batteries are managed by the PBM system